Our mobile marketing solutions and services are all designed and built to enable effective audience engagement and/or monetisation. They allow businesses be they telcos, publishers, advertisers or their agencies to leverage the intimacy, the immediacy and the interactivity of the mobile device to drive more relevant interactions, deeper and more sustained customer engagements, to build alternative revenue streams and to improve their bottom-line.

For Mobile Operators

Mobile operators are uniquely positioned in the mobile marketing ecosystem. Their combination of scale, brand equity, deep customer knowledge and understanding places them in an enviable position in the fast growing mobile marketing space.

Our technology and services are designed to help mobile operators to realise their potential whether its assisting them in building new and exciting high margin revenue streams, or enhancing customer loyalty and reducing churn. Our solutions are deployed with some of the world’s leading operators across EMEA and APAC.


For Advertisers

At the heart of all advertising spend be it brand or tactical, on digital or TV, and whether in the short, medium or long term, is ROI.

The better the ROI the more successful the campaign. To improve ROI the advertiser needs to achieve a higher level of advertising engagement and responsiveness, and to achieve this the advertiser needs relevance – the right message, right time, right place. Its data that enables relevance, and better, richer, faster access to data that enhances it. Sofialys’ solutions are all designed with this understanding at their heart.

Our Direct Marketing platforms allow advertisers to acquire deep knowledge and understanding of their customers and to use this to improve the effectiveness of their communications. Our Display and Ad Exchange platforms take a different approach, using cutting edge technology to facilitate quick, data driven analysis and effective advertising decisioning.

For Publishers

Publishers be they digital or traditional, game, app or newspaper, all face ever increasing costs whether from editorial, production or distribution. They look to offset these through continuous improvements to advertising yields, better sell through rates, and more cost effective ways of selling.

Sofialys’ innovative display and ad-exchange products are built to help our publisher partners be they global, regional or local to sell more inventory, more efficiently and at a better price.