We offer our customers a unique one-stop-shop for advanced mobile display and direct marketing, real time geo-location and innovative RTB supply-side product offerings and services.

Our Direct Marketing Solution

Sofialys is the number one provider of direct marketing services to mobile operators in EMEA and works with global telecommunication giants like Orange, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Axiata and Etisalat on the rollout of direct/permission marketing services across their operating company footprints.

We offer a powerful combination of cutting edge technology capable of managing and delivering complex high volume messaging, ussd and email campaigns and an richly experienced team of experts in audience acquisition, management and retention, data analytics, monetisation and creative.

We are proud to run the world’s biggest real-time location enabled messaging database for SFR in France, sending thousands of campaigns a year, to millions of opted-in subscribers across hundreds of geofences.

The solution and its associated services offer businesses small, medium or large, in any sector, whether FMCG, Finance, Fashion, Retail, Automotive or Telecoms the opportunity to acquire and then successfully manage and refine mobile opt-in databases – engaged customer communities that can be used effectively for future campaigns and promotions, for polling, for sampling, for feedback, etc.

Our Display Solution

Our mobile Private AdNetwork allows Publishers, their representatives and Ad Networks to quickly and effectively monetize their rapidly growing mobile traffic.

We give our partners control over their inventory – pricing, market, content, volumes. And exposure to substantial demand sources on a national, regional and global basis.

We supply scale to the demand side pooling, driving efficiency and effectiveness for our partners.

Unlike other enablers which require extended set-up & connecting time, Sofialys’ service has been designed for rapid, flexible and cost-effective integration.

Existing Ad Networks can be expanded or a new Network can be enabled to expand existing operations.

Key Features


Launched within hours

Customized for Your Brand, Your Business Needs and Your Clients

Leverage Dynamic Connections & Partnerships in an Open & Transparent Environment

Scale up your Business

Massive Reach – at National, Regional and Global Level

Complete Control, Security, Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility & Full Support

Zero Technology Cost with Pay Per Use/Impression Model

Our Branded Marketplace Solution

Our vision is to bring together global advertisers, publishers, 3rd party data providers and mobile operators in a common data-enabled mobile marketplace and to build and maintain a platform that facilitates the transactions between them.

Our RTB enabled Ad Exchange is the first step towards this. Using powerful leading edge technology our “Expresso” platform enables supply and demand sides to come together and trade in a transparent and cost-effective way.

Advertisers, agencies, and of course their trading desks are given easy self service access to not just a huge range of mobile inventories  but also the data they need to drive effective real-time decisioning.

Our technology is deployed globally through our own in-house ad network Aditic which manages over 40 billion impressions a month from publishers in over 70 countries worldwide.

In addition we have launched and continue to roll out private, white labelled exchanges for clients in a number of markets.




Founded in 2009, our team is passionate about mobile and everything that we do.

Since the beginning, our focus is to identify & solve the needs of the mobile ecosystem, with solutions that work across devices, networks, OS platforms, Apps & Mobile Web.

Advertisers need a platform to purchase mobile advertising. Mobile operators and publishers need a platform to drive revenue from mobile advertising. Uniquely, we provide a suite of solutions for both.

We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, to grow the global mobile advertising ecosystem, that’s why we have developed a brand new ADITIC taking into account RTB