Driving Relevance & Engagement in Mobile Marketing

Because mobile is intimate...

We help our customers realise the true value of mobile - as an effective advertising channel, as a powerful direct marketing medium, and as a potent vehicle for CRM. With more than decade of success behind us, a hugely experienced and knowledgeable team , and technology that is robust yet leading edge we have won a growing reputation as a trusted partner with the world's leading mobile operators, advertisers and publishers.

Our Products

We offer our customers a unique one-stop-shop for advanced mobile display and direct marketing, real time geo-location and innovative RTB supply-side product offerings and services.

Direct Marketing
  • Geolocation
  • Interactive dialogues
  • Multiple channels
  • Audience Engagement
  • Permission Opt-In

  • RTB (Real Time Bidding)
  • Monetization
  • Private AdNetwork Enabler
  • White Label
Branded Marketplace
  • Self-Service
  • Premium
  • AdNetwork/Ad Exchange

Our Solutions


For Mobile Operators

Our technology and services are designed to help mobile operators to realise their potential whether its assisting them in building new and exciting high margin revenue streams, or enhancing customer loyalty and reducing churn

For Advertisers

Our Direct Marketing platforms allow advertisers to acquire deep knowledge and understanding of their customers and to use this to improve the effectiveness of their communications

For Publishers

Sofialys’s innovative display and ad-exchange products are built to help our publisher partners be they global, regional or local to sell more inventory, more efficiently and at a better price